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FFAC - Foundational Financial Accounting Certificate

What is FFAC?

The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA, USA) Foundational Financial Accounting Certificate program (FFAC) is designed to provide quality and valuable learning experience to those interested in strengthening their baseline financial accounting skills and knowledge and in utilizing such skills and knowledge on the job.

FFAC workshops focuses on essential accounting and finance concepts to assist candidates, employees, and executives from non-accounting and finance backgrounds to be better equipped to make informed management decisions.

What is FFAC?

Pursuing FFAC provides candidates with comprehensive overview of accounting and finance terminologies and a solid foundation of knowledge of the accounting and finance process. After achieving the credential, the individual will be able to:

  • Obtain a clarity of fundamental financial accounting concepts.
  • Ensure a better understanding of U.S. GAAP and authorities of accounting standards.
  • Differentiate between U.S. GAAP and IFRS.
  • Have the baseline knowledge needed to pursue IMAs prestigious, more advanced CMA (Certified Management Accountant) certification.
What is IMA?

IMA is the worldwide association of accountants and financial professionals working in business. IMA's mission is to provide a forum for research, practice development, education, knowledge sharing, and the advocacy of the highest ethical and best business practices in management accounting and finance.

The ICMA Advantage
FFAC Content Specification
  • Introduction to Financial Accounting.
  • Fundamentals of Financial Accounting.
  • Period-End Accounting Activities.
  • Financial Statements: An Introduction.
  • Balance Sheet Components.
  • Income Statement Components.
  • Statement of Cash Flows Components.
  • Special Topics in Accounting.
  • Other Financial Statement Information.
  • Annual Report.
  • Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting.
  • Comprehensive Problem and Workshop Conclusion.
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Exam Details

The FFAC Exam are conducted in a proctored testing environment which follows strict testing protocols ensuring accurate aptitude results. The exam consists of 75 multiple choice questions which candidates will have up to 3 hours to complete.

Ready to Apply?
Enrolment Essentials
  • A Copy of Diploma / Degree Certificate.
  • A Copy of current passport or ID.
  • Passport size photo.
Coaching Details
  • 40 Hours of live face to face coaching for each part.
  • Exam preparation includes problem solving practice and mock exams.
  • Sessions as per coaching plan.
Coaching Fee

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